Who's Who

In The Itchy Zoo!

The 'Itchies' were originally formed in 1992, and have been entertaining audiences in the Wellington region and around the lower North Island area ever since. The original idea of the band was to cover the songs that the band members grew up with and loved – classic British rock from the 60’s and 70’s. Since then we have morphed slightly, introducing more recent tunes, Kiwi classics, and some Blues numbers. However, our philosophy remains the same; play the songs we love, play them well, and to like-minded audiences who love live music.


Itchycoo Park is a 6 piece band, consisting of:
  • Bernard – drums
  • Colleen – vocals & percussion
  • Dave – vocals & guitar
  • Greg – keyboards
  • Nick – bass
  • Phil – guitar & vocals
Despite a few personnel changes over the years, the band is still going strong. Highlights from 2012 and the year to date include performances at the:
  • 2013 Masters Games in Wanganui (to an audience of over 2500);
  • New Zealand Mustang Car Club Annual Convention in Wellington;
  • Leisure Marching Association of New Zealand North Island Demonstration Day in Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua;
  • New Age of Aquarius Festival in Te Marua; and
  • NZ Lions District 202M Annual Convention in Upper Hutt.
We can tailor our set to meet a client’s specific needs, but we routinely play 3 or 4 hour shows, usually made up of 3 or 4 x 50 minute sets, with a short break in between. We have a wide range of songs to choose from, and are happy to tailor a set to factor in your favourite tunes, or timing requirements. We are also willing to learn new songs on special request from a client, but bearing in mind the type of band that we are…….i.e. we don’t do Brittany Spears type pop songs!


We are happy to negotiate on price for a 3 or 4 hour show. We have a range of P.A. options that are suitable for small or medium sized venues, or with the addition of a sound engineer who we can provide, for larger venues . We have a range of stage lighting units, including stand mounted Par Cans. We are also happy to perform on a full stage, with professional sound and lighting provided – as attested by our recent performance at the Wanganui Masters Games.


Download this bio in pdf format here.






Bernard is a foundation member of Itchycoo Park.

TV repairman by day and a drummer by night. From playing "And Then I Kissed Her" by The Beach Boys on a Kerosene heater with my first band at aged 16 to playing "Tie Your Mother Down" by Queen on a Premier (English manufacturer of course) drumset at aged 59, life doesn't get much better than that.

After a 30 year break raising kids, mortgage etc the success of "Itchycoo Park" over the last 10 years has come as a pleasant surprise and I am looking forward to the next 10 years performing our favourite songs with a great bunch of people to the enthusiastic audiences who have become new friends. It makes the midweek practices in a dreary hall on a cold Winter's night all worthwhile.

Bernard's promised to be nice to the singers in the band.....we'll see how long that lasts!




Vocals & Percussion

Colleen is a foundation member of Itchycoo Park.

Hi All. I'm vocals and percussion with the Itchies, the crazy one that jumps around a lot hitting things. I went to see Led Zeppelin at Western Springs Auckland with the drummer in '72 and that was that, no looking back. I was in love with the sounds. My friend still laughs to this day that I didn't notice Robert Plant's very tight trousers, I was
so totally in awe of that amazing voice and the band that nothing else registered.

The last 10+ years vocals with Itchycoo Park have been a blast filled with all the fabulous music from the UK and occasionally other places. My biggest thrill is seeing people dancing, singing and having a good time.

My favorite song from our set list is Afterglow - The Small Faces, like the song says love is all around us everywhere - we just need to see it.




Vocals & Guitar

Dave hails originaly from Harrogate, North Yorkshire in England, where he was singer in the local classic rock and blues band Robberz Dog. Dave also teamed up with his brother in an electro-acoustic duo covering the songs of Neil Finn and Crowded House.

Since arriving in New Zealand in 2009, Dave has been part of two Weekend Warriors events, teaming up with other Wellington based musicians.

In May 2011, Dave joined Itchycoo Park, bringing a slightly rockier vocal style to the set, whilst retaining the band's classic 60's and 70's sound.

Dave's musical influences are varied, but are mainly classic British rock bands such as Bad Company, Free, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and UFO, to modern progressive rock bands such as Porcupine Tree, The Pineapple Thief, Steven Wilson, Dream Theater and Riverside.




Keyboards & Harmonica

Greg is a foundation member of Itchycoo Park.

Greg likes to fill in the middle areas of the songs with keyboard sounds. Especially loves Hammond B3 sounds and he could be a genuine B3 hugger if he had his way.

Beware he is a fiddler and is likely to make stuff instead of buying things. Either means he is clever or just tight with his gig money.

Brought up in family of six. Mother played piano and taught him the rudiments. Tried to impress girls during his teens with his playing of Bohemian Rhapsody. Did not work as he wanted it to.

Did not get into playing in a band till later years. A longist stint of playing with a church band before Itchycoo Park. Loved it then and still love the joy of entertaining. Cant believe even now how just a few people can create a huge sound.

Keyboardest Hero .. Jon Lord of course. Favourite Band .. Oh Yeah Pink Floyd





Nick is the most recent member to join the band. Along with having to learn a load of new songs, he's just become a Dad - boy does he have his work cut out.

His long term goal is to smile on stage!




Guitar & Vocals

Dr. Phil is originally from the Chicago area and caught the guitar bug in the late 70s hanging out with his older brother who played trumpet in local funk and soul bands.

By the 80s he had his own Blues Rock band that played in North and South side Chicago bars and local festivals.

By the 90s Phil was playing around 100 nights a year and in the mid 90s moved to the South of France with his band “Bluesfish”. During the two years that they were in France his band did around 170 shows a year playing everything from regular gigs on the Blues festival circuit, week long stints at beach resorts and bizzarre little cafes and clubs. During the 17 years the “Bluesfish” band was together they played thousands of gigs and have warmed up for Junior Well, Maceo Parker and James Brown and many others.

Phil now lives in the Wellington area. Apart from being an awesome guitarist, he is the purveyor of dodgy jokes both on and off the stage!